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FolioFourOne is a web based platform that combines e-commerce with digital publications. It incorporates In-Magazine Retailing, enabling publishers to partner with retailers and sell products directly from the pages of an online magazine. It turns advertisements and product editorials in a digital magazine into an e-commerce storefront. We call it “In-Magazine Retailing”. Your customers will call it amazing.

FolioFourOne focuses on four areas, combining them on one platform; Publish, Connect, Sell and Track. See our features section for more information on these areas.

FolioFourOne has been designed from the ground-up to work on just about any modern web-browser enabled device on the market. If you want your magazine to be available on the iPhone or iPad, you don’t need to build an app and have it approved by Apple, or go through the Google approval process if you want your magazine available on an Android smart-phone or tablet device.

Probably the most important thing FolioFourOne can do for retailers and publishers alike is generate additional revenue from digital publications. With In-Magazine Retailing, retailers can list their products on FolioFourOne which publishers can then link to in their magazines. With retailers fulfilling the orders, publishers receive a sales commission on each product sold. And all done without the reader leaving the magazine.

What’s more, being a web-app, FolioFourOne is accessible within a publishers or retailers own website through the use of an <iframe>. Readers can access publications without the need to go to an app store and download an app to their tablet or smart-phone. With FolioFourOne you can maximise website traffic by to your website.

Watch the videos in the features section for more information and see exactly what FolioFourOne can do for you.

FolioFourOne. It’s what magazine publishing has been waiting for.

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